Claudio Butkus

A Plant Manager must have the technical knowledge of clinker and cement production together with a broad understanding of our business and the ability to focus on delivering budget results through good resources management. Besides those skills, the soft competencies of inspiring and energizing people through fostering and developing teamwork are of high importance at Holcim.

This atmosphere and the career prospects Holcim offers were the main reasons I decided to join the company and today, I am in charge of the Pedro Leopoldo plant and everything in it from the quarry to the lorries and our grinding facility.

Previously, I had the opportunity to work at the Midlothian plant in Texas, USA, where I came in contact with a whole new culture and collaborated with people from across the globe. Afterwards, I was the Plant Manager at the Barroso plant and we had quite a challenge to improve our relationship with the local community in the face of downsizing the workforce and the shift in the plant culture. The result was a more structured and professional relationship between the company and the surrounding neighbourhood, in line with our Triple Bottom Line initiative.

At Holcim you need to care about people and be passionate about your work. You'll be able to succeed by being a part of this type of culture and multicultural environment. Every day in Holcim we face new challenges, so it's most definitely not a boring job. It's always been a good place to work with a nice work/life balance that has allowed me to raise my kids and take care of the family. I've made lots of good friends in every place I' ve been and the diversity within the Group helps us to look at different things in different ways and encourages our self development.

I would like to meet…

I would love to have the chance to meet Leonardo Da Vinci and get to know a little bit of his ingenious mind.

Country of Origin: Brazil Age: 50
Country of Work: Brazil Years at Holcim: 14
Education: Mechanical Engineer, Executive MBA Interests: Music, outdoor barbecuing, running, bicycling