Fabien Charbonnel

As Director of the Materials and Applications Center at Holcim France Benelux I'm dealing with the technical support for our customers and cement plant. I manage a team of managers, engineers, technicians and operators delivering services from Technical Support to Product Development, Certification, Standardization, Quality Management and Product Portfolio management for cement and binders.

My role enables me to actively participate in the implementation of Holcim's sustainable development strategy. It's a passion to work on this topic and to find concrete and viable solutions that lessen the impact on the environment of our business and strengthen on the long term our business.

There are two elements that I am very attached to. It's the culture of empowerment where the management gives you the opportunities to take responsibilities, and the quality of the team. We work in the heavy industry but yet we are people oriented.

All along my career in Holcim, I could build my professional development on three pillars: the training program, the opportunity to practice on the job and the coaching from my different bosses, which was the most important source of skills development.

The international environment at Holcim is very stimulating. Holcim has a strong global presence with strong local management. The network between the different countries is very useful to benefit from the different experiences and to find experts on different topics. The exposure to different countries and cultures is valuable and rich.

I like the open culture, where we discuss issues and propose solutions and share different points of view. People are passionate about their work and strongly involved.

I would like to meet…

Johann Sebastian Bach, my favorite composer

Country of Origin: France Age: 38
Country of Work: Belgium, France, Netherlands Years at Holcim: 12
Education: Business school (ESSEC in France) Interests: Ski, bike, reading, music, family time