Francois Girod

It's now 6 years since I joined Holcim. With a background in Earth Sciences, I have always been interested in rocks and quarries, as well as building material properties. In my role as Plant Manager, I need a good understanding of the cement manufacturing process and both excellent management and people skills. Efficient communication inside the plant as well as with our external stakeholders is critical. In our group and in particular in Switzerland, language skills of English, French and German are required.

I also believe a passion for safety in order to reduce the risk of accidents is very important.

The work environment here is exciting but very demanding and being able to cope in this situation is well supported by all the courses and training programs offered to Holcim employees. Besides management courses as well as a leadership program at IMD Lausanne, I have had the chance to attend several Holcim courses such as the Cement Manufacturing Course, long term and short term Quarry Management , and finally a Quality Manager Course.

I got to apply lots of skills during the long term strategic planning project for the limestone reserve in Eclépens. Many challenges were associated with the quarry because of important archeological findings as well as the critical impact on natural resources due to the quarry's location in a mountain with unique trees and flora.

Holcim's Sustainable Development policy and Corporate Social Responsibility policy as well as the commitment to these are what sets us apart from competitors and makes Holcim an attractive employer for me.

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Harrison Schmitt

Country of Origin: Switzerland Age: 41
Country of Work: Switzerland Years at Holcim: 6
Education: PhD Earth Sciences Interests: Sport, natural sciences, industrial ecology, music, theater