Ho Seow Phuan

The atmosphere at Holcim is unusual for a large multi-national corporation in that it is highly professional but with a strong degree of comradeship. In addition, I am given the opportunity to perform at my highest level without too much interference from higher-ups. An example of a really successful project that embodies this was the transformation of Holcim Singapore from a company that only delivered concrete to small projects to one that had a much larger capability. We were able to deliver 150,000m3 of concrete to a single project from one batching plant. We were proud that it was the first time in Singapore that any piling project with that kind of volume had depended on a single company to deliver their concrete in such a short time-span. We really raised the performance standard for future projects.

On this and other work scopes, I've been able to develop my skills and competencies through sharing knowledge with others, using our knowledge management portal, attending seminars and conferences and various work group studies.

Today, after 3.5 years with Holcim I am the Head of Operations in Singapore and look after daily operational tasks for both read-mix concrete and cement divisions in the company. I like the fact that I have a strong degree of empowerment and good corporate guidelines to operate by.

I would like to meet…

Sir Stamford Raffles: It would be an opportunity to hear from him the challenges he faced in transforming Singapore from a small fishing community into the large international trading post during his time. I believe that lessons learnt during his tenure as Governor of Singapore are still relevant today.

Country of Origin: Singapore Age: 57
Country of Work: Singapore Years at Holcim: 4
Education: B ENG (CIVIL), MBA Interests: Reading, movies