Isabelle Glorieux

The way to get experience is to put your hands in it' said my first boss when I started work. And he was right! Today, I market and sell special binders for the soil treatment (Hydraulic Road Binders), injection binders for civil engineer, special injection micro-fine binders and hydraulic binders for waste stabilization.

I thought when I first started in my current role I would never be able to sell any of the binders in my portfolio, but with the help of my predecessor, our lab and some customers, I've been able to learn so much and I'm proud of the new customers I have today in different sectors.

Following an early career in sales for paint, varnish and in ink industries, I moved to paint plastic and paper industries. I was then contacted by Scoribel, now known as Geocycle, which is Holcim's alternative fuel and raw material business. Over the last 13 years, I have developed myself through the business. I really appreciate that Holcim gives me the freedom to use my skills to make the business grow.

I enjoy the fact that I sell a range of products for different business applications and this gives me greater strength as a partner for our customers. Looking into the future, I still have a lot of energy to continue developing the Benelux market in my sector and I look forward to doing that.

Almost each week I still learn something new about my current job. It's a succession of new proofs and new challenges that have made my career with Holcim so rich.

I would like to meet…

The founder of the Soo-Bakh-Do (Corean karate). He could maybe have taught me to take more time to do things, to be less "speedy" and meet people without judgment.

Country of Origin: Belgium Age: 45
Country of Work: Belgium Years at Holcim: 13
Education: Licencé in chemistry Interests: Sport (hockey, Soo-bakh-do), books