Luc Cousin

I was searching for a line function in process, chemical or heavy industry where I could put in practice my school learning. From the first visit to a Holcim cement plant, I was impressed and keen to join - I felt there was a real life to be had there.

Today, 17 years later, I am responsible for managing a plant, from the quarry to the dispatch lorry, ensuring that safety quality and environmental results are competitive. It's also my role to manage the long-term plant development by looking for business opportunities and mitigating the risk on operations.

This role needs dynamism and confidence to ensure all the employees and stakeholders are on board. I need to have a good understanding in both technical and management fields to lead the plant in the right direction. To strengthen my knowledge and experience I have completed several Holcim programs, including the Cement Course, the Cement Manufacturing Seminar and several others.

Attitudinally, being able to build trust and confidence and also to engage and inspire people are important characteristics people need to be successful here. I personally like to ensure care is taken for employees and stakeholders, even while we are in such a competitive environment.

Holcim is a good company to work for on many levels, and for me, the overall strategy and mindset combined with the work environment makes it an attractive company to work for.

I would like to meet…

It would be fun to meet Rabelais a historical French writer.

Country of Origin: France Age: 42
Country of Work: France Years at Holcim: 17
Education: Process Engineer Interests: Travels, do-it-yourself