Luca Danuvola

I wanted a job that would give me structure and a solid technical background based on goals and that would lead to management responsibilities. Seven years ago, I found a job advertisement for a process engineer role in Holcim's AFR (alternative fuels and raw material) business and it seemed to me to be the right opportunity.

Managing a plant requires me to be involved in many different issues from technical ones to financing, safety, environment and other areas like sales, energy and procurement. However, managing people is probably the greatest challenge, and I work hard to translate the Company's objectives to plant level and ensure people have the things they need to do their job while also delivering on our business plan and enjoying good relationships with our stakeholders.

Like many Holcim people I have built lasting networks throughout the business in the early part of my career through the many internal technical courses on offer. Key to my development plan however was the assessment program, I attended in autumn 2006 for the position of Plant Manager. A development plan was formulated focused on leadership skills and on training on the job activities by being involved in different projects. Holcim also gave me the opportunity to attend a course at an external management school to learn more about cost, profitability control and budgeting process.

My growth in Holcim is really linked to the AFR business. I began a project on refuse derived fuel fluff installation as a process engineer and finished as production manager. We achieved triple quantity utilized in the kiln compared to previously and I learn a lot about achieving management support to invest in this direction.

In my experience, Holcim measures your results objectively and quantitatively, so the ability to keep direct responsibility, deliver results and maintain high performance levels are key. In addition, communication skills are becoming increasingly important.

For me, Holcim is a global enterprise with local management and this makes it a successful and interesting company. The capability to develop human capital is very attractive and Holcim has demonstrated to be able to allocate time, competencies and money to develop future management internally.

I would like to meet…

Copernico and Galileo, two scientists that had no fear in sustaining their theories, based on facts and figures, also if this means to create a thoughts revolution and to fight against strong powers. Change in mindset is possible.

Country of Origin: Italy Age: 37
Country of Work: Italy Years at Holcim: 7
Education: Chemical engineer