Lucio Greco

Working in a solid multinational company and the possibilities of professional growth and building networks around the world attracted me to Holcim. My career path has led me to my current role of Commercial Director Cement in Holcim Italy.

I started out working for an auditing company for four years and this experience gave me a high level of knowledge of administrative processes and exposure to different businesses on a wide range of issues and approaches. I joined Holcim in the finance department as a Controller and through several promotions, reached my last position as local Chief Finance Officer.

I think my current role is providing a really interesting experience of 'learning by doing' and is broadening my negotiation skills directly in the market place and increasing my relationships with stakeholders.

The most interesting project was an IT implementation in Italy, which for the first time gave me a team to manage and also exchange experiences with foreign colleagues while further building my understanding internally. Looking forward, I would like to have the opportunity to become responsible for a business or a country. Holcim is giving me the possibility today to challenge myself in a different position that gives me skills for my future professional development.

I would like to meet…

Mahatma Gandhi: Leadership is something I find very interesting and I consider Gandhi to be inspiring for the motivation and perseverance he applied to achieve his goals despite every kind of adversity and obstacles, relying on the power of his ideas.

Country of Origin: Italy Age: 45
Country of Work: Italy Years at Holcim: 16
Education: Business and Economics Interests: Sports, reading books, cinema, music