Oliver Lindfeld

First work experiences in the steel industry at the beginning of my professional career gave me insight into my personal expectations of both the company I work for and the work environment. Consequently, I defined those things I need to feel satisfied at work. The job interview with Holcim confirmed my feelings that this company was the right one! And it obviously is still today, after 10 years.

Holcim provides clear individual responsibilities and the necessary degree of freedom and self determination. Being able to see the difference I can make and my contribution to the overall company goal is very satisfying. Holcim also provides good mentors and challenges that in turn inspire me to do my best.

During the six years I have been responsible for ready-mix concrete in Germany now, we have tripled the business through well-defined acquisition plans. At the same time, we restructured our organization. Overall, I'd say that working in the areas of organizational development, strategy and leadership represents the core responsibility of my current position. Working with people from other segments like cement and aggregates or from support functions like distribution, materials technology or maintenance on ready-mix concrete issues, especially its significance in the value chain is always interesting.

Next to leading the ready-mix concrete division through ever-changing market conditions, I also have the opportunity to represent Holcim's interests in several joint venture companies and Germany's ready-mix concrete association.

Holcim offers a pleasant workplace where I am treated with respect. The way people within our local group company work together, makes me believe that Holcim is still a people's company. And this is why we are more successful than many other companies throughout the industry and beyond.

I would like to meet…

I admire Mahatma Gandhi. He developed a new method of non-violent resistance which finally led to India's independence. He was highly value-oriented, very clear in his principles and followed them consequently with the utmost discipline. He demonstrated that it is possible to achieve goals, which sometimes seem to be unachievable, with new, unusual, uncommon means. One of his guiding ideas was: Impose obligations to yourself with the result that you can bring someone else to adopt your view as his own free will only by conviction. In other words you have to act as a role model. This is an idea I hopefully always apply. It is definitely more exhausting than simply imposing orders, but a very successful and sustainable way in the end.

Country of Origin: Germany Age: 39
Country of Work: Germany Years at Holcim: 10
Education: Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA equivalent) Interests: Travelling, reading, history, family