Holcim strategy

Holcim’s strategy is based on three principles of success:

  • the focus on the Group’s core construction materials businesses
  • a targeted, broad-based geographical diversification, with continuously improving >positions in growth markets
  • a balance between global strategic and local operational leadership


These principles have proven themselves in different economic environments allowing for decisive and rapid responses in changing business conditions.



In the Holcim Strategy House, Customer Excellence is at the very center of the mindsets that enable for the creation of value. Customer Excellence is part of the fabric of Holcim from top to bottom; from the individual employees’ daily work to the Group’s overall business strategy. 





Holcim Value Network

The strategic emphasis on Customer Excellence is reflected in the Holcim Value Network.

It puts customer needs a the heart of value creation - we do not sell to our customers, they choose to buy from Holcim. The strategic focus of the Group is on the development of customized value propositions to meet customer needs and create superior value for the customer and for Holcim.

The Holcim Value Network concept allows developing value propositions beyond the existing customer base to fully tap the value network potential. Value is delivered to and through a network of existing and future customers, suppliers, partners or other stakeholders.