Development & performance

Holcim believes in passionate employees using their professional and personal strength to drive performance. At Holcim, personal, professional, and leadership development are all integral parts of who we are as a company and as individuals.

Developing yourself and others is one of the behaviors that set the foundation for our strategy, our identity, our culture, and our DNA. Our employees take responsibility for their own development and in order to do so, Holcim provides the necessary tools and guidance. In 2014, the Holcim Learning Institute was launched as a means of providing these.


Holcim Learning Institute (HLI)

The Holcim Learning Institute (HLI) is an online platform that is accessible to all our employees. The HLI allows our employees to gain an understanding of what skills and competencies are needed for success in their specific role, in their function, and as a leader. Through the HLI, our employees can assess where their particular needs for development lie, both currently and for future career aspirations, so that these may be addressed in the most efficient way. Holcim’s approach to employee development combines learning in the workplace, learning from others, and formal training. The Holcim Learning Institute guides employees to the best solutions so that they can be part of the Individual Development Plan that each person creates with his or her supervisor during the Dialogue Process (our Performance Review process).