How we make concrete

1. Aggregates Delivery

  • Carefully-sized aggregates, gravels and sand for the creation of concrete are delivered to the concrete batching plant

2. Concrete batching

  • Cement and blended cements (that include flyash, ground blast furnace slag, silica fume, etc) is stored on-site in silos.


3. Gravel & sands

  • Other materials required for concrete production include coarse aggregate (about 10-20 mm size)
  • fine aggregate (such as "beach" or "pit" sands)
  • and special chemicals (admixtures) are stored in silos and tanks on site


4. Weigh hopper

  • the batching process (selecting proportions of each raw material) is typically computer controlled


5. Mixer

  • All the materials are accurately pre-weighed prior to being fed via a conveyor belt into the transit mixer (concrete truck)


6. Concrete delivery

  • Concrete is then mixed in the rapidly turning barrel of the truck until it is thoroughly and evenly mixed
  • It is then delivered via the transit mixer to the construction site