Asphalt, Construction and Concrete Products

Making use of the synergies between concrete and asphalt concrete, Holcim produces and paves asphalt concrete in some of the countries it operates in.  Concrete products, consisting of a variety of products are also manufactured by Holcim in a few countries around the world. Together, asphalt, construction and concrete products, or “Other Construction Materials” provide a wide range of value added solutions to Holcim customers.



Asphalt or ‘asphalt concrete’ is most commonly used in the surfacing of roads, parking lots and runways. In pavements, asphalt and concrete serve the same purpose but have significantly different properties.

  • In its most basic form, asphalt consists mainly of aggregates and about 5% bitumen (or liquid asphalt).
  • Bitumen is derived from the oil industry where over 100 million tons are produced per annum, of which some 85% is used in asphalt concrete.
  • The properties of bitumen also allow for effective recycling, making asphalt concrete one of the most recycled of all materials in the world.

At Holcim we maximize the use of recycled asphalt (RAP) to the extent governed by specifications.Holcim (UK, USA and Canada) has the experience and expertise to meet the most demanding projects and diverse applications.

Example project: AI UK eg major highway project


Consolidated key figures for other construction materials and services in 2014
Ready-mix concrete plants 935
Asphalt plants 84
Sales of ready-mix concrete in million m3 37.0
Sales of asphalt in million t 10.0
Net sales in million CHF 6,548
Operating profit in million CHF 0
Personnel 16,825


Holcim has been in construction for over 100 years. Construction in specific countries, such as UK, USA, Canada and Indonesia typically provides integrated solutions in:

  • asphalt, particularly paving
  • concrete paving
  • construction and services associated with these projects


Holcim has been involved in the construction of significant civil engineering infrastructure projects, such as major highways, bridges and airports. Holcim also participates in commercial, industrial and residential developments. Using cutting edge technology and advanced knowledge of our raw materials, our experts and experienced crews deliver work of the highest quality.


Concrete Products

Certain Holcim companies provide advanced solutions in the form of concrete products. The range of products is vast, from home building and property enhancement products to standard and customized civil infrastructure solutions for the most demanding of projects. Holcim also produces mortars and cementitious adhesives.

Residential and commercial products include:

  • building blocks
  • architectural face bricks
  • a variety of pavers
  • landscaping products


In Australia, Holcim has market leading operations producing a diverse and  innovative range of precast products and solutions for infrastructure projects, including bridge beams and segments, tunnel linings, rail products, pipes and manhole segments.

Example project: Humes precast structural products 

Holcim's solutions

Holcim aims to be the company of choice and provides complete solutions.


Holcim Canada has developed a special concrete to meet the stipulation by the Ministry of Transport of Ontario that any necessary repair works to highway sections have to be performed overnight, within an eight-hour window. Full use of the highway is required by the end of the shift. A purpose-developed, high early strength concrete mix and the wholehearted commitment, night after night, of Holcim’s experienced staff guarantee continuing mobility.

Fast track concrete: Work in the fast line

At 820km, King’s Highway 401 is one of the longest highways in the world and a vital economic corridor across the province of Ontario. However in recent years there has been a significant increase in traffic on this route, making an expansion necessary to ensure the continued rapid transportation of motorists and goods.

Expanding North America’s Busiest Highway