Holcim Sustainable Development Ambition 2030

Aligned with our vision “to provide foundations for society’s future,” Holcim Ambition 2030 aims to significantly increase the interest in, and uptake of, our innovative range of sustainability enhancing products and services.

By 2030, we aspire to generate one third of our revenue – which could represent around CHF 10 billion – from our portfolio of Sustainability Enhanced Solutions.

To help us achieve this, Holcim Ambition 2030 includes a number of aspirations and intermediate targets across three focus areas: Climate,Resources and Communities.

What are Sustainability Enhanced Solutions?

These are products and services with proven sustainability benefits. They offer superior environmental and social performance in the manufacturing phase, and/or in the use and disposal phases, of buildings and other infrastructure, compared with current standards.

In particular, they will help us to take advantage of the growing number of opportunities arising in the sustainable and resilient construction segment.

Why act now?

For many years, we have acted as an agent for change, while continuing to create and sustain shared value for all our stakeholders.

In the face of ever-increasing competition for skills, we have continued to attract and retain the most talented people, who have helped us flourish and grow. At the same time, we have taken a leadership role in: 

  • helping to meet the housing and mobility needs of millions of people
  • providing the materials that make modern structures more resilient and sustainable
  • leveraging new markets and including low-income customers and producers at the “base of the pyramid”

We are aware that currently, the cost of resources does not fully reflect the true value of those resources. Change is inevitable and it could be disruptive.

Being sensitive to this and aspiring to be part of the solution to the problems of our time, we have been working with a wide range of experts and interested stakeholders to develop a new long-term strategy, Holcim Ambition 2030. We have also defined a number of stretching yet attainable goals to help us address the sustainability challenges that lie ahead.

Building ambition, adding value

Download the SD Ambition 2030