External Report Review Panel

Since 2007, Holcim has invited an External Report Review Panel of independent experts to challenge the company’s approach to sustainable development, to review its most material issues and to assess the content and process of preparing its Corporate Sustainable Development Report.

Our procedure

For the 2014 review, Holcim retained six members from previous panels and replaced one from the same institution. The members of the External Report Review Panel express their views as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.

The engagement started in January 2015, when panel members were asked to review the proposed outline of the Sustainability Report. In April 2015, the experts were interviewed to give feedback to the draft report and provide input for the joint statement.

To finalize the panel statement an online consultation was organized in May 2015. To ensure independence, the external panel process was facilitated by Barbara Dubach, Engageability, and monitored by the CSDR assurors, Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Panel members details

External Report Review Panel Statement

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