Stakeholder dialogues

Holcim has a long track record of engaging with a wide range of stakeholders on sustainable development challenges, and this is embedded throughout the Group.

  • In 2013, 76% of Holcim Group companies reported conducting stakeholder dialogues.


In addition to this, we conducted two global stakeholder dialogues in early 2014 to understand the views of a broad range of external stakeholders and to inform our new sustainable development strategy, “Holcim Sustainable Development Ambition 2030”.

The dialogues were held in Zurich and Mumbai, allowing us to capture the views and expectations of stakeholders from both developed and emerging economies.


Many constructive suggestions to improve the strategy

The proposed “Holcim Sustainable Development Ambition 2030” was welcomed by all of the stakeholders attending, and they strongly endorsed the direction we were taking in aspiring to be part of the solution to the problems of our time. We received many constructive suggestions to improve the strategy as well as valuable recommendations on how the revised strategy should be implemented. The dialogs reinforced the need to act quickly and decisively to address the significant climate, resources and social challenges we all face.

The dialogues were independently facilitated by Mr Claude Fussler. Mr. Fussler pioneered corporate stakeholder dialogs by co‐creating the first high‐level advisory council at Dow Chemical 20 years ago. He has been an advisor to British Telecom, Alcatel Lucent and the French pharma industry. He created and chairs the EDF Group independent SD Panel and is on the Kimberly Clark Advisory Board and on the Technical Advisory Board of Demeter, a European clean tech investment fund. At the WBCSD he has initiated the format of multi‐stakeholders high‐level Business Days in Johannesburg 2002, Bali 2007 and Poznan 2009. He also facilitated the first stakeholder dialogue at Holcim in 2003. 

Zurich dialog attendees
Mumbai dialog attendees