Turning waste into energy: Geocycle

Alternative fuels are an important source of energy, contributing toward lowering global CO2 emissions. Holcim Group companies have taken a major step forward in the use of alternative fuels and raw materials through Geocycle, our waste management brand.

This covers most of our operations in Asia, Europe and North America , and builds on Holcim's 18 years' experience in co-processing. Geocycle customers benefit from standard waste disposal services or individual solutions to ensure eco-efficient recycling of unwanted by-products. Holcim Group companies use the waste materials in energy generation and cement production, so conserving virgin natural resources, lowering fossil fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions per tonne of cement.

Overview of Holcim's waste solutions

Wind energy gains in importance and every generation of windmills is more efficient. While the energy produced is sustainable, the recycling of the rotor blades causes a problem to the industry. Now, a sustainable process has been found how to recycle the blades. The cement plant Lägerdorf of Holcim Germany utilizes used rotor blades as alternative resource in the cement production process.

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Holcim Singapore found a novel way of encapsulating copper slag into concrete, reducing the use of natural sand in cement production and avoiding landfilling that used to be the common way of disposing this "waste".

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Holcim Indonesia increasingly substitutes the fossil fuel coal by agricultural waste and expects to save an average of 500,000 tonnes of CO2 each year for the next ten years. To regulate the intake of biomass it recently devised a contract-system guaranteeing its supply, fixed payment for the transport enterprises and work for the informally employed truck drivers and loaders working for the transporters.

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Uncontrolled disposal of waste is an issue. The initial partnership agreement between Holcim Ltd and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GTZ) that started in 2003 led to the development of guidelines for the utilization of waste materials in the cement industry.

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Geocylce is Holcim's waste management brand.

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