Product focus

Innovative, application-driven, high-quality products make us the provider of first choice. Among the reasons for Holcim's lasting success is a product strategy with a focus on the production and distribution of our core products - cement and aggregates - both of which are key basic materials for construction.

How we do it

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Processing of raw materials

The main focus of investment is the processing of raw materials. The production of cement and aggregates, for example, requires a great deal of process know-how, and is a highly capital-intensive process that ties up assets over the long term. Because of the continuing demand for new production facilities and rising building costs, capital expenditures for cement production have risen substantially. 

However, our investment policy and product range are adapted to suit the maturity of each market and local customer needs. So while cement and aggregates are the basis of our business, other products bring us closer to the end-consumer. As markets mature and customer needs broaden, we offer ready-mix concrete, concrete goods, asphalt and associated services: 

  • In emerging markets, we focus on building up and expanding cement production.
  • In maturing economies, vertical integration becomes more significant, and we aim to establish ready-mix concrete businesses in major urban centers.
  • In developed markets, the range of products is even more diversified and includes aggregates, asphalt and concrete products. Because of the high degree of regulation in industrialized nations, it is strategically important to have high-grade, secure raw material reserves.

Value-adding solutions - an example 

The basis for Holcim’s success over many decades has been delivering value-adding products, i.e. services and solutions with a clear focus on cement and aggregates. Holcim developed a special concrete formula and provided tailor-made logistics solutions for the Roche Tower.