What is concrete?

Globally, concrete is the second most consumed material by volume after water. Annual worldwide consumption is upwards of about 13 billion cubic meters, making it equal to around one cubic meter per person.

One cubic meter of concrete consists of approximately:

  • 300 kilograms of cement
  • 150 liters of water
  • 2 tonnes of aggregates

Initially liquid or malleable for jobsite placement, it hardens to a solid state during the cement hydration process to achieve the required mechanical properties. The properties of concrete vary considerably according to the mix design, with a wide variety of different formulas available to meet specific construction needs. Careful raw material selection and mix design development is necessary to provide optimum performance and durability.


What is ready-mix concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is produced at plants with automated batching systems and delivered to the jobsite by ready-mix trucks. While on time delivery is ensured by front end order-taking and dispatching systems, quantity and quality is safeguarded by tight Holcim quality control.

Holcim ready-mix concrete across the world

Holcim was among the first concrete producers in the world, and currently supplies concrete in 37 countries across five continents.


Consolidated key figures for other construction materials and services in 2014
Ready-mix concrete plants 935
Asphalt plants 84
Sales of ready-mix concrete in million m3 37.0
Sales of asphalt in million t 10.0
Net sales in million CHF 6,548
Operating profit in million CHF 0
Personnel 16,825

Ready-mix solutions for our customers

Holcim aims to be the company of choice in ready-mix concrete. In order to meet customer needs Holcim is not simply a materials supplier - we provide complete solutions.



Project Support

Holcim ready-mix concrete supports customer projects from the very first phase by reviewing the project requirements and identifying customer needs. World class specialists can advise and guide customers to select the solutions that a global supplier can offer locally according to specific market needs and regulations.

Holcim Mexico’s specialized solution for industrial concrete flooring

Material Selection

Holcim ready-mix concrete keeps its promises and provides peace of mind by guaranteeing a reliable and sustainable material supply that will comply with local and international regulations and requirements, taking full benefit of being a fully integrated material supplier.

Waste as a meaningful substitute for natural sand at Holcim Singapore

Production, plant network, and special projects

Holcim ready-mix concrete helps its customers to face and overcome project challenges. Thanks to its network of over 1000 plants and its capability to deploy mobile plants, Holcim is able to deliver concrete in very congested cities as well as in the most remote areas.

Holcim Switzerland support realization of the world’s longest tunnel

Holcim lights up Paris: integrating an RMX plant into a major city

Logistics services

Holcim ready-mix concrete manages a fleet of 7000 trucks to guarantee more than five million on time deliveries to customer job sites. We can offer delivery and pumping services for both small projects and large construction projects dealing with several thousand cubic meters - making us easy to do business with.

Holcim Indonesia’s ‘Minimix’ concrete trucks

Holcim Beton Belgium delivers 400,000 cubic meters of concrete


Technical support

Holcim's ready-mix concrete provides peace of mind by monitoring its products and processes using a very demanding quality control and quality assurance system. The mission of our technical support service is to offer Value Added Solutions to Holcim customers, helping them to differentiate themselves from market competitors by creating more value.

Holcim values at the Perot Museum in Texas

Supporting humanitarian construction