By country

Manos Voluntarias

Long-term rehabilitation efforts for enhanced biodiversity

Civil construction and fashion: a sustainable mix and match
Income generation for rural producers in Magé
Safety first
Quality Control Laboratory

Opening the doors to the community
Employees improve the environment around Beli Izvor plant

Community Advisory Panels at Holcim Canada
Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Canada

Centro Juvenil Campesino
Self-build housing project raises quality of life
Voluntariado Holcim
Residential housing for transporters' families
Income generation and increase for farmers

Costa Rica 
Construyendo Juntos
Integrated Waste Management Concept 

Stop and think about me! - ¡Para y piensa en mí!

El Salvador
Paving new Roads in El Salvador 

Theater in a quarry
Enriching biodiversity during quarrying activities
Erika Waste Recovery 

Employee volunteering projects
Aspects of Permitting
Selection of Adequate Feed Points
Ecosystem management

A Guatemalan wetland

Successful Community Advisory Panel in Hungary
 Environmental "clean-up days"
Creative competition for schools and kindergartens 

Biodiversity conservation through mining reclamation
Integrated water harvesting 
Social engagement in Kodinar
Health care at people’s doorstep
Creating gainful employment in rural areas
Industrial farming of CO2 into algal biomass fuel
A Green Building for a Green company
Development Alternatives Headquarters, India: LEED certified sustainable buildings
Dykes - a simple innovation to solve water problems

Co-processing the right prescription in Indonesia
Building our future with vocational education
Micro Business Development in Narogong and Cilacap
Safety first, no compromise
Solusi Rumah - Affordable Housing in Indonesia
Co-processing cut tires, a first in Southeast Asia
Co-processing Municipal Waste
Co-processing ODS gases
The Geocycle Buddy Programme
 Ashes to Ashes: co-processing tobacco waste
 Replacing fossil fuel with agricultural waste

Community Day (Volontariamente Insieme)

Working to preserve the sea turtle
"Develop yourself" with Holcim Apasco
Affordable housing initiatives: "Mi Casa"
CECAF evaluation in Orizaba
 Pre-processing of Waste Material
Ecosystem management

Birds of Morocco guidebook
Reforestation brings added value

New Zealand
Cape Foulwind quarry - 20 years of rehabilitation
Habitat restoration

 Money to burn in the Philippines
 Health and safety
 Butterfly garden at the cement plant
Test Burns with PCDDs/PCDFs Monitoring
Masonry Training and Recognition: “Holcim galing Mason Program”

Professional training for local youth
Open Door Days for kids
 "Green Wall" Planting at the Campulung Plant
Let’s do it, Romania! Participating in a national clean-up project
 Reducing CO2 emissions

Adopt-a-school project

Biodiversity Conservation during active operation
Community Advisory Panels
Pre-processing of Waste Material
Helping shape the sustainability leaders of tomorrow
Environmental education starts at school
Biodiversity Conservation during active operation

Sri Lanka 
Affordable housing initiatives: "House for Life"

Community Day 2010
Collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Emissions Monitoring and Reporting (EMR)

INSEE Awards 2007

EnviroBlock©: replacing quarried aggregates in building materials
Focus on Our Future Employee Engagement Campaign
Wetland restoration at Little Paxton
Biodiversity Action Plan

Aggregate Industries US launches comprehensive climate strategy
Historic Virgina landmark restored
Conservation Day
 LEED certified sustainable buildings
 Envirocore™: recycled or co-processed content

Employee volunteering projects
Durian kindergarten in Ben Tre
Enhancing quality and safety for the "Green Summer" project
Numthnol - Traditional baking generates income for Khmer women
Holcim Vietnam: Building the first kindergarten in the Son Hai island commune
Holcim Vietnam: Vocational training for teenagers

Optimizing the use of raw materials in ready-mix concrete
GTZ-Holcim partnership - co-processing contributes to better waste management
Renewable energy initiatives
Holcim: Working towards CO2-neutral sites