Cement production is highly energy intensive so efficiency and security are key business drivers. Holcim’s cement production has increased by almost 120% since 1990, however, in the same period, our annual energy consumption increased by less than 60%, while energy used from traditional fossil fuels increased by only 27%.



  • Energy from traditional sources (primarily coal and petcoke) increased by only 25% – mainly due to the use of waste as alternative fuel.
  • Holcim has reduced the energy consumption per ton of clinker from 4.578mj in 1990 to just 3.469 mj in 2014.


Alongside the use of alternative fuels, Holcim has achieved this energy consumption reduction by optimization of processes, equipment and operational efficiency. Holcim invested in upgrading equipment using best available and ecologically viable new technologies as well as projects to recover and utilize heat from cement kilns to further reduce thermal energy consumption.