Materiality review and stakeholder panels

Holcim has a well-established Business Risk Management process for identifying risks at corporate as well as Group company level, which covers not only financial but also key sustainable development concerns such as safety and air emissions.

In addition to this, Holcim also conducts sustainable development material issue reviews to ensure the full range of sustainability risks and opportunities are correctly weighted and addressed.

Furthermore, we consider the views and expectations of stakeholders through our External Report Review Panel and reflect the internal and range of external views in a materiality matrix.

The latest Group materiality matrix was developed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders in September and October 2013. There have been some significant changes since our last materiality review in 2011: 


  • The framework of issues was revised to align with the GRI –G4 framework
  • Customer management and supplier management are reflected separately
  • “CO2” and “energy” are reflected separately
  • “Inclusive business solutions” has been added
  • Human rights is recognized as a “stand alone” issue