Holcim’s vision is to provide foundations for society’s future

  •  In line with this vision, Holcim’s sustainable development goal is to create shared value
  • We do this by providing products, services and solutions that generate profits while also contributing to societal and environmental well-being


The starting point is our corporate values of strength, performance and passion – which are in effect a promise to be a solid partner, to deliver on our promises and to provide the best solutions for our customers while caring about everything we do. This care extends to our people, our customers, our communities and the environment.

Holcim has placed sustainable development at the heart of its business strategy for many years. We follow the three pillar approach of the triple bottom line – economy, society and environment – within our business strategy, because we believe it creates added value for stakeholders. Details of Holcim’s specific strategy for Sustainable Development can be found on the Holcim Sustainable Development Ambition 2030 pages.