Holcim in China - 豪瑞在中国

Holcim in China - 豪瑞在中国

China is the world's largest cement market. A strong presence in China is therefore of critical importance to the Group. Holcim's involvement in the Chinese cement industry commenced over 20 years ago with the technical know-how of our industry consultants being utilized by local cement producers. In 1995, Holcim became a shareholder in Suzhou Golden Cat Cement and in the same year it also set up a Representative Office in Beijing. Four years later, Holcim took a strategic investment in Huaxin Cement located in Hubei province, central China and later sold its shares in Golden Cat to Huaxin.

The status quo

Huaxin's steady growth has positioned the company firmly in the top league of Chinese cement enterprises. In 2008, Holcim was given the opportunity to raise its participation significantly through means of a private placement, making Holcim the largest shareholder in Huaxin Cement. The former Representative Office in Beijing has been replaced by "Holcim Management Services (China) Ltd.", an entity set up to support the Holcim-Huaxin relationship. This sound relationship, built on mutual trust and respect, has laid a strong foundation for more and even closer cooperation in the future.


China is of great importance to Holcim and our passion for and commitment to China is continually growing. We are very proud of our partnership with Huaxin. Holcim's fundamental belief worldwide is to achieve success by supporting our local partners. Among other things, we are working with Huaxin on issues of clean production, environmental protection, waste co-processing, energy efficiency, and corporate social responsibility. At the same time, we cooperate with various government and industry bodies on a range of topics where Holcim's international experience may add value to the Chinese cement industry at large. Holcim is also an active member of the CBCSD (China Business Council for Sustainable Development) and the EUCCC (European Chamber of Commerce in China).



中国是世界上最大的水泥市场,对豪瑞意义重大。豪瑞 参与中国水泥工业的发展可以追溯到20年前,当时中国 的水泥生产商采用了我们工业顾问的技术。1995年, 豪瑞成为苏州金猫水泥的股东;同年,在北京成立代表 处。四年后,豪 瑞成为中国中部地区湖北省华新水泥的 战略投资者,此后又将所持的金猫股份卖给了华新。


稳步的发展已使华新成为中国水泥行业的领先企业。 2008年,豪瑞获得机会通过定向增发扩大在华新的股 份,成为了华新最大的股东。北 京代表处也由"豪瑞管 理顾问(中国)有限公司"代替。该公司将支持豪瑞与 华新的合作,并进一步加强豪瑞在中国的业务活动。通 过多年合作,华 新与豪瑞之间形成的彼此信任的友好关 系为双方今后更深远和紧密的合作奠定了坚实的基础。


豪瑞重视在中国的发展。我们对中国的热情和承诺不断 增强。与华新的合作伙伴关系使我们深感自豪。豪瑞的 基本理念是通过支持各地的业务伙伴而建立成就。除其 它领域外,我们与华新的合作也涉及清洁生产、环境保 护、废弃物协同处置、能源节约,以 及企业社会责任。 与此同时,我们还与各政府部门和行业组织在多个方面 展开合作,以期利用豪瑞的国际经验为中国水泥工业的 整体发展做出贡献。 此外,豪瑞还是中国可持续发展工 商理事会以及欧盟商会的积极会员。


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