Twin Center in Casablanca

With its two towers rising 110 meters above the ground, the Twin Center has become a new modern landmark for Casablanca, Morocco. The building occupies 13,500 square meters of land and features offices, a shopping center, hotel, residential units, exhibition space, restaurants and bars, and three basement car parks.


The building's shell is made entirely of concrete, and according to Mohammed Azami, an engineer with the building consortium STGM, the 52,000 cubic meters used is the largest amount of ready-mix concrete ever required for a single building. 

The concrete façade is coated in a special light-colored lacquer in order to match Casablanca's cityscape, while a special building technique was required to cope with the foundations, which were placed in up to 10 meters of water.

"We wanted to build a landmark for this area of the city, and we wanted an optical link to the nearby mosque with its 200-meter minaret. Our inspiration for the towers, which constitute the building's nucleus, was traditional Moorish architecture."  Élie Mouyal, Co-architect (with Ricardo Bofill)