Morten Holpert

The restructuring of the Holcim Lägerdorf plant was one highlight of my career so far with Holcim and these have helped my leadership and management skills develop over the 19 years I have been with the company.

There is an excellent network between all the Holcim companies and this provides many global opportunities to learn from each other and increase the team spirit. We also have opportunities to bring together people from all around the world for our Senior Leadership and Management Seminars at IMD, in Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition, Holcim also provides good technical seminars for operational health and safety, maintenance and process know how. As a Plant Manager, I make use of the development programs Holcim has for both myself and my people.

For a Mechanical Engineer, Holcim attracted me as a place to work for the high focus on mechanical process engineering and excellent career opportunities. I really appreciate that Holcim is so open minded, multicultural and encourages people to achieve success.

I would like to meet…

Lance Armstrong and Peter Scholl-Latour

Country of Origin: Germany Age: 46
Country of Work: Germany Years at Holcim: 19
Education: Dipl. Ing. Interests: Riding racing bicycle