Meet our people

It's our people that make our company successful. Discover the insider's view and get to know our employees working in different roles, functions and countries. Find the testimonials that fit your preferences and let them inspire your career plans.



  • Fabien Charbonnel
    Director Materials & Applications Center, Belgium, France, Netherlands

  • Luc Cousin
    Plant Manager, France

  • Morten Holpert
    Plant Manager, Germany

  • Ho Seow Phuan
    Head Operations, Singapore

  • Marius Seglias
    Plant Manager, Germany

  • Serge Montagne
    Cement Plant Manager, France

  • Simone Aebischer
    Plant Manager, Switzerland, Austria

  • Remo Bernasconi
    Head of Manufacturing, Central Europe

  • Claudio Butkus
    Plant Manager, Brazil

  • Ràul Cabrera
    Ready-Mix Operations Manager, Ecuador

  • Francois Girod
    Plant Manager, Switzerland

  • Luca Danuvola
    Plant Manager, Italy

  • Régis Nivesse
    Ready-Mix Concrete Director, France


  • Christian Jeanjaquet
    Project Manager, Spain

  • Isabelle Glorieux
    Responsible Georoc Market, Belgium

  • Lucio Greco
    Head Cement Sales Department, Italy

  • Urs Kern
    Commercial Director Central Europe / Country manager,  Southern Germany

  • Oliver Lindfeld
    Managing Director, Germany

  • Eric Ott
    Head Controlling & Accounting, Germany

  • Oliver Osswald
    Commercial Director, Mexico

  • Paulo de Aguiar Zuchelli
    IT Consultant, Brazil