Régis Nivesse

It's a rare opportunity to be offered the chance to adapt a cement plant's equipment and rules so it can produce G-Class cement, qualify it in the petroleum world and develop the sales of this specialty cement for oil well drilling operations, so when Holcim asked, I decided to join!

The person who recruited me was so enthusiastic about the role and also about how much I could learn while still operating with a reasonable amount of autonomy. Over the 20 years I have been with Holcim, I still believe this to be true.

In my current role as Ready-Mix Concrete Director for Centre East Region in France I have a very operational role that requires various skills from market understanding and sales behaviors to technical knowledge.

I have had a number of interesting challenges over the years but one of the best was managing the French construction chemical business where we developed a new set of molecules adapted to various customer applications. I was involved in selling the company to Castrol BP before moving into the position of Technical and Marketing Director in Belgium. Driving the cement plants of Heming and Ebange was another great management experience I can't forget.

I would have to say Holcim has an open working environment in which individual and collective initiatives are well accepted and rewarded. It's great to have interactions with people from different backgrounds and different countries as well.

Holcim has offered me many individual development opportunities in various roles (sales, technical, production, management) and in various industries (cement, construction, chemicals, aggregates, concrete precast, ready-mix concrete) and I would have to say its demanding but interesting!

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Country of Origin: France Age: 50
Country of Work: France Years at Holcim: 20
Education: E.N.S.A.M graduate / PhD in Engineering Interests: Business and management