Remo Bernasconi

Holcim offers a wide range of job opportunities as well as great possibilities to grow on and off the job. I joined Holcim as an Electrical Engineer for large projects 18 years ago. The internationality, the broad range of people, the large variety of job opportunities, the working environment and the growing market as well as the wide working field combined with great responsibilities attracted me to Holcim.

Holcim gives personal freedom and responsibility and offers job opportunities abroad. In one stage of my career I went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon with my young family where I was responsible for the construction and commissioning of a cement plant. Bringing a new cement plant from paper to steady operation was another very interesting and memorable experience in my career.

I enjoy the high performance, experimental culture at the Siggenthal Plant where everybody is recognized as an important individual, treated honestly and with respect. Developing and engaging people at all level is equal important.

I would like to meet…

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi

Country of Origin: Switzerland Age: 45
Country of Work: Switzerland Years at Holcim: 18
Education: Bachelor of Electrical engineering Interests: Mountain biking, skiing, soccer, carnival of basle, travelling