Serge Montagne

As a Plant Manager, my job is rich and varied, with every day being different. I deal with technical matters related to the cement production process, equipment maintenance, product quality, environmental issues and all those things the engineer in me likes to do. But I also spend a lot of time on management and leadership issues, which are as equally important as the technical ones.

For me, plant management means being able to define and communicate the vision for the plant, motivate people and drive change to achieve this vision, set and monitor objectives, develop people and take the responsibility to make the best decisions in an increasingly difficult environment with competing priorities. In addition, building trustworthy and lasting relationships with various stakeholders like the unions, the local authorities and our neighbours is a high priority.

To achieve all this, a Plant Manager in the Holcim business needs strong technical, leadership and operational management skills together with good personal skills that enable trust, flexibility and a good customer orientation.

Holcim has provided me with access to good training courses and these are particularly useful for different projects, including both technical and organizational restructuring. To succeed here, you must be open to new challenges, new cultures and work environments and also have an entrepreneurial spirit.

I believe Holcim is a strong and respected company that has a deep respect for people and commitment to the environment. There are many career opportunities in Holcim, and people just have to be prepared to make every effort they can.

I would like to meet…

Maybe Buddha or one of his disciples which might help me to step back and escape from the daily stress!

Country of Origin: Belgium Age: 43
Country of Work: France Years at Holcim: 19
Education: Chemical engineer Interests: Music, sport, travel