Holcim recognizes the crucial role employees play in creating value. They are the basis of success. This recognition is clearly reflected in the Group strategy.

For Holcim to succeed, it needs competent, committed and engaged employees. We therefore want to be attractive in the highly competitive employment market and approach talent proactively. Our employment practices contribute to creating a working environment where employees can flourish.

By nature of our global structure, we are a company with a highly diverse workforce, particularly in terms of culture and age. In our senior management team alone, 60 nationalities are represented. In what is traditionally a heavy manufacturing environment, driving gender diversity remains a challenge, and in 2009, 12% of the workforce was represented by women, while 8% of our top and senior managers were female.

More than ever, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all our employees and work on strengthening a culture of mutual respect, trust and openness. To foster this culture, we further engage with elected employee representatives. In striving to be one of the most attractive employers in our industry, we further ensure wages that reflect local industry standards, and at the lowest paid entry level, our Group companies on average pay 163% above local minimum wage.