Other environmental impacts

Holcim’s target to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions per ton of cementitious material by 20% by 2013 (against a base year of 2004) was met in 2012. Similarly, our targets to reduce dust and CO2 emissions per ton of cementitious material by 20% were also achieved ahead of schedule.

Efforts are continuing to ensure these reductions are sustained, and in 2014 we recorded reductions against the 2004 baseline of 20% for NOx, 70% for Dust and 66% for SO2.

Holcim has an advanced internal Emission Monitoring and Reporting standard that allows consistent and reliable tracking of main stack emissions and related improvements. This standard is well implemented throughout the Group with 91% of the kiln lines reporting continuously measured emission data.

Holcim has strengthened its measuring and reporting of waste and a number of additional indicators, which have been externally assured, are reflected in the 2014 performance data table.