Expert panel on biodiversity

As part of the previous IUCN-Holcim relationship, a Biodiversity Advisory Panel (Panel) was formed by IUCN to provide independent input on biodiversity conservation policy for the Holcim Group. The partnership with the IUCN concluded at the end of 2013, with a series of useful tools and recommendations developed. 

The Panel will continue to assist Holcim with the implementation of a Biodiversity Indicators and Reporting System to assist operations to understand and carry out habitat assessments. 

The members of the IUCN-Holcim Biodiversity Advisory Panel

Dr Christoph Imboden (Chair) is an ecologist and biodiversity conservation expert who has been working internationally for more than 30 years and been closely associated with IUCN, especially its Species Survival Commission. For almost 20 years, Christoph has been working as an independent consultant in Europe, Africa, and Asia focusing on corporate social responsibility and business and biodiversity.

Peter-John Meynell has worked in a variety of environmental and natural resource fields in southern and central Africa, South and South-east Asia and China, covering wetlands biodiversity and management, fisheries, water pollution and climate change impacts and adaptation. He has carried out many environmental impact assessments of different developments, especially hydropower.

David Richards is an economic geologist and environmental scientist with 39 years experience in the extractive industries.  After 17 years on production sites, he worked in the corporate Health, Safety and Environment units of Rio Tinto for a further 15 years. His main areas of responsibility were the corporate biodiversity and other policies, development of relationships with international conservation organizations including IUCN, participation in programmes such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and the Convention on Biological Diversity, and environmental reviews of sites and projects in many countries. He has been an independent environmental adviser since 2007.

Marc Stalmans is an ecologist with over 25 years of conservation research, planning, management and development experience in the public, parastatal and private sector. He has been involved in projects in more than a dozen African countries, in the Middle East and the Far East. These projects involve national parks and other protected areas, Transfrontier conservation planning, eco-tourism development plans, wildlife censuses, carrying capacity assessments, monitoring, fire management, landscape mapping and biodiversity offsets studies.