Sustainable solutions and innovation

Resources management, climate change, urbanization – the world and with it the demands of society and stakeholders are ever-changing. Innovation across the company helps Holcim develop new solutions to meet these global needs. 


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, buildings account for:

  • 39 percent of total energy use
  • 12 percent of total water consumption
  • 68 percent of total electricity consumption
  • 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions


So, throughout the building lifecycle, there is great potential for innovation, be it through low carbon materials, recycled resources or energy savings.

Holcim's vision “to provide foundations for society’s future"

Aligned with our vision “to provide foundations for society’s future”, Holcim’s Sustainable Development Ambition 2030 aims to significantly increase the interest in, and uptake of, our innovative range of sustainability enhancing solutions. 

Innovation at Holcim

These solutions have proven sustainability benefits. They offer superior environmental and social performance in the manufacturing phase, and/or in the use and disposal phases, of buildings and other infrastructure, compared to current standards. In particular, they will help us to take advantage of the growing number of opportunities arising in the sustainable and resilient construction segment.