Holcim sponsored HafenCity University project

In April 2014, the ambitious Holcim-sponsored HafenCity University project welcomed its first students. Its construction was supported with a donation of EUR 1 million plus the concrete required for the project by Holcim and its Group company, Holcim Germany. In recognition of this, the biggest auditorium in the university will be called the ‘Holcim Auditorium’ for the next ten years. This long-term partnership is a prime example of Holcim’s commitment to sustainable development.

Prior to project completion, people studying at the Hamburg HafenCity University (HCU) needed to visit various parts of town for lectures - but not the actual HafenCity. That, however, is now a thing of the past. The most spectacular university building in Hamburg, located directly on the banks of the Elbe river, opened its gates on April 1 2014. The newly constructed building provides auditoriums, classrooms, and workshops for around 2,400 students and 300 employees. Additionally, the five-story university building houses a library and a cafeteria. 

At long last located in the place that give it its name, the HCU - which is the only university in Europe devoted to research and education on urban environments and their economic, social, and ecological contexts - welcomed hundreds of students as they began the new semester together under one roof. 




Milestone in a long-term partnership

The opening of the university marked an important milestone in the long-term partnership between Holcim and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It serves as a perfect example of Holcim’s commitment to placing sustainable development at the heart of its business strategy. 

Since 2007, both parties have been working together to promote technical excellence and social responsibility on a scientific and professional level. The continuing partnership covers many aspects. In addition to sponsoring the sustainable construction of the new HCU building, Holcim is also supporting the establishment of a scientific profile in the field of ‘design, construction, and sustainability’ at the university through activities such as presentations and publications on this topic.


A Holcim Student Award for Sustainability

The Holcim Student Award for Sustainability, which annually honors the best papers on the topic of sustainable planning and construction at the HCU, is another result of this undertaking, as is the Holcim Concrete Forum hosted by the HCU and organized by Holcim Germany’s department of Technical Marketing. Additional communication and cooperation possibilities - with the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction for example - are also being explored. All of these and future such events are to be held in the Holcim Auditorium, which with around 350 seats is the largest lecture hall in the university.

Holcim has played a major role in supplying building materials for the Hamburg HafenCity district - currently Europe’s largest inner-city development project. Alongside the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, which was also built with Holcim’s construction materials, the HafenCity University Hamburg represents one of the most ambitious construction projects in the HafenCity.