Case study on water

Certified positive water balance in India

Ambuja Cements CEO and Area Manager for India, Onne van der Weijde with the water balance certification.

With increasing global pressure on the available water resources, there is a strong need to step up conservation efforts. Our Group company in India, Ambuja Cements, seeks to secure water supply not only for itself but also for the communities around its locations. The Company set out to intensify its water conservation efforts over two decades ago. In the course of time it has become not only “water neutral,” but “water-positive.” Ambuja Cements is the first cement company in India to be certified as being water positive by an external third-party verifier.

The terms “water-neutral” and “water-positive” refer to the balance between the amount of water withdrawn by the Company and the amount of fresh ground water recharge created by rain water harvesting in its plants, colonies, and nearby villages and through the use of spent quarries as water reservoirs.

After a comprehensive study covering all its facilities (including operating plants, bulk cement ports, and offices), mine recharge, as well as structures in the community, it was established that in 2011, total harvesting and recharge (credit) was about twice (16,860 million liters) the Company’s water consumption, or debit (8,389 million liters). The Company was thus water-positive by over 100% as assured by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), an independent assurance provider.

Although the Company’s water conservation initiatives have been in place for a long time, the third-party data assessment and verification was conducted for the first time, covering all facilities, in 2011.

Ambuja Cements will continue its efforts to give back to nature and society by increasing water credits through conservation, water harvesting, and recharge.