Aggregate Industries, UK: Biodiversity Action Plan.

Aggregate Industries, UK: Biodiversity Action Plan

A Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is a plan prepared for a local area aimed at conserving and enhancing biological diversity. The development of BAPs for the management of biodiversity on company owned property is an important aspect of biodiversity management at Holcim.

In 2002, our Group company in the UK, Aggregate Industries was the first in the sector to develop a company wide BAP, covering a five year period. Progress against the objectives contained in the BAP has been reported in their sustainability reports since 2003. Overall the progress made since the start of the BAP in 2002 has been positive. 33 sites have formal Biodiversity Action Plans, with around 20 more working towards establishing one.

A second Biodiversity Plan covering activities for the period 2008 to 2012 has subsequently been developed. The plan was developed in consultation with a stakeholder panel and contains a series of overarching themes, with each theme providing a framework for specific objectives, which will be delivered over the five year period. The themes are:

  • Contribution to landscape scale conservation - connecting pockets of high value ecology which are surrounded by poorer landscape elements.
  • Prioritized site-based biodiversity action - development of specific plans for identified high priority sites.
  • Prioritizing action to specific habitats and species-where possible, create habitats or conditions that encourage priority species.
  • Effective monitoring and reporting of performance to show positive contributions to UK Biodiversity Strategy - developing measuring and reporting mechanisms to demonstrate the effectiveness of the programs.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity in conjunction with key partners to inform the broader public policy debate.

Further details of the plan, including the specific objectives within each of the themes can be found in their sustainability report at the following link.