Aggregate Industries US, USA: Historic Virgina landmark restored.

Aggregate Industries US, USA: Historic Virgina landmark restored

As part of its commitment to the communities in which it operates, Aggregate Industries US (AIUS) agreed to acquire and restore the historic Hayfield Manor in Caroline County, Virginia.

When AIUS bought Hayfield Manor, the 18th-century building had fallen into disrepair. The company planned to use the 497 acres of land surrounding the property for a sand and gravel mining operation, but when the manor house was put on the list of Most Endangered Sites by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, company Vice President Don Delano was moved to save it. In doing so, AIUS could address the local community's need for the restoration of a historic landmark, while reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility.

The restoration of the manor was managed with the help of local craftspeople and college historians. Damage from vandalism was repaired, the floors were refinished, the walls painted, and modern heating and cooling systems installed. Fourteen months and US$ 900,000 later, the restoration of Hayfield Manor was complete, and the grand re-opening took place in March 2007.

Hayfield Manor will be used to benefit the local community in the following ways:

  • It will be open to history students free of charge, and to the public once a week. Private tours will also be provided.
  • It will be available to hire for both small and large events including corporate functions and private parties.
  • Hayfield Manor will be promoted through the Garden Club of Virginia, with the aim of increasing tourism within the region.

In addition, AIUS has contacted local school districts to discuss how Hayfield Manor can act as a learning aid to the study of Virginia's history. Furthermore, Hayfield is being promoted as a lecture venue as well as to the local Boy and Girl Scouts as a place to see and explore.

The company maintains contact with the University of Mary Washington's Historic Preservation Department, and is in the process of introducing the restoration project to other learning institutions that may benefit from seeing the technology used during different periods of construction.

AIUS has also established a US$5,000 scholarship award for students of historical preservation at the university; the first scholarship will be awarded in 2008. Any future revenue generated by Hayfield Manor will be used to supplement the scholarship fund.

The restoration and re-opening of Hayfield Manor is an example of how companies and communities can work together to achieve common goals that result in enduring benefits for all involved, and serve to integrate the company into the culture of the community itself. Aggregate Industries US is proud of its work in restoring and returning this historic landmark to the citizens of Virginia, and it remains committed to the manor's upkeep, and to the wider Caroline County community.