Holcim Apasco, Mexico: "Develop yourself" with Holcim Apasco.

Holcim Apasco, Mexico: "Develop yourself" with Holcim Apasco

Holcim Apasco considers its clients and distributors to be partners. It strives to maintain a network of efficient and committed suppliers who share the company's goals, as they are seen as key to success. To this end, the company is keen to pursue innovative business solutions to support its network of 1,800 Mexican entrepreneurs.

To stimulate these local entrepreneurs, Holcim Apasco set up a development program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) together with the Mexican Foundation for Sustainable Development (FUNDES) and the Ministry of Economy. Called "DesarrollaT" (" Develop yourself"), this program is designed to strengthen the business development of SMEs through personalized training and advisory services. This represents a major contribution to the development of the regions where it operates, impacting on the businesses of thousands of small distributors and suppliers.

Holcim Apasco works to bring its suppliers and commercial partners up to speed on business standards, covering topics such as management and sales. This advice brings SMEs opportunities for better sales, savings and use of their working capital. For example, the training lessons include business labs, management change, commercial topics, individual business diagnoses and action plans.

By 2006, about 800 distributors had been trained on a budget of US$1.2 million for 2005-06. It is believed that this reaches to 4,000 direct and 12,000 indirect beneficiaries. For Holcim Apasco, the main success factors are the partnership with FUNDES and the Ministry of the Economy, the dedication of the human resources department to the project and the open attitude of the suppliers.

Holcim Apasco continues to associate with local entrepreneurs to provide added value to the company and its stakeholders, as the support of distributors and suppliers translates into more jobs for Mexicans. The company wishes to extend the program to more suppliers and convince the reluctant ones that this is a win-win program.