Holcim Apasco, Mexico: Working to preserve the sea turtle

Holcim Apasco, Mexico: Working to preserve the sea turtle

Holcim Apasco is keen to support the preservation and protection of fauna in danger of extinction, and working in partnership with Patronato Vida Silvestre A.C., a wildlife preservation association, it is currently working to protect the sea turtle in Colima.

By working with local authorities, communities and other companies, Holcim Apasco's goal is to preserve the sea turtle, a species in danger of extinction, as well as raise awareness for biodiversity issues in general. Holcim Apasco has been a key player in efforts to preserve the sea turtle since 1993. It hopes that with every year, the plight of the turtles will improve, thanks to their improved conditions at the "El Chupadero" turtle camp.

So far, Holcim Apasco has been able to increase the flow of financial contributions, which allows the environmental authorities to strengthen levels of vigilance and enforcement. They have also improved the environmental awareness of local people and reduced the plundering of the turtles' nests.

Four employees from Holcim Apasco are directly involved in the initiative, together with collaborators from the Tecoman Plant in Colima and a local biologist. They are responsible for budgeting, delivering monthly reports, and organizing visits to the camp, as well as events with stakeholders when young turtles are ready to be released.

From 1998 to 2006, more than 10,000 turtle nests were located at the camp, and around a million young turtles set free. The interaction between the various organizations involved in this project makes the results of this maritime preservation program a true example of social participation.

The main success factors are:

  • the increased funding for preservation
  • the reduction in the plundering of nests
  • the partnerships with environmental authorities
  • the community's greater ecological awareness.