Holcim Argentina: Manos Voluntarias.


“Help us so that your knowledge will help others” – with this slogan, Juan Minetti invited its employees to give training sessions in community centers, schools, or in Minetti-supported projects. All kinds of skills were asked for, from training in mechanics and electricity to gastronomy, photography, rhetoric and CV writing, language classes or security training.


“Volunteering is the consequence of taking citizenship seriously” – the objective of the project is to engage employees in meaningful voluntary work and to support surrounding communities and students.


The “Manos Voluntarias” campaign entailed several activities in which Juan Minetti employees shared their skills with communities and students:

  • Scholarship Co-Tutorial Program (2009 and 2010): The Max D. Amstutz scholarship is awarded to children of Juan Minetti workers. In the course of “Manos Voluntarias”, employees with qualifications in the same subject areas as the beneficiaries supported the young people with academic and professional advice. Co-tutors helped the students with complex questions and assisted them in bridging theory and practice. The students spent one day at a Juan Minetti plant to learn more about the practical side of their topic and they had the opportunity to use Juan Minetti’s facilities for their practical assignments. In 2010, 22 Juan Minetti employees participated in the co-tutorial program.
  • Training Programs at Technical Colleges: Juan Minetti volunteers conducted several trainings on mining and technical maintenance for students of technical colleges. For instance, one volunteer conducted a comprehensive 2-days OH&S training in two colleges. Another Minetti employee offered a 4-hours course in waste management, and three volunteers delivered a 12-hours course on mining. Several visits to Juan Minetti plants with vocational training were organized by volunteers. In total, almost 200 students benefitted from the activities.
  • Short Trainings in Minetti’s Community Centers: Volunteers gave short classes in their fields of expertise and shared their knowledge or skills with the community. For instance, employees organized vocational trainings for surrounding communities in OH&S, concrete technology and mixing.
  • Annual Food Collection: Juan Minetti employees participated in the annual food collection on 13 November 2010. Together with friends and family, they asked supermarket customers to add one article to their basket for donation to the national food distribution service.


Employee Engagement is seen as a vivid part of CSR at Juan Minetti. Employees get the opportunity to pass their expertise to motivated young people and foster their communication and training skills. Through the co-tutorial program and the short trainings they experienced another way of contributing and sharing knowledge outside the daily business. Through these initiatives, talents are detected at an early stage and the recruiting process is facilitated.

The participation in the annual food collection was a successful event to raise awareness of people in need in Argentina as well as a good experience on how to get engaged in collection food with others.