Holcim Bulgaria: Employees improve the environment around Beli Izvor plant.

Project description
In 2010, Holcim (Bulgaria) AD expanded its greening and landscaping efforts around Beli
Izvor plant in the area between the plant and the neighboring village. The area, which has
been used as an illegal village dump for years was cleaned and filled with humus soil. In
collaboration with some local residents and representatives of local authorities, numerous of
company employees from different departments planted a beautiful belt of selected trees and
shrubs along the periphery of the spacious area as well as small islands of low growing trees
and shrubs in the middle. The trees planted in the area include mainly native deciduous and
coniferous trees.

Apart from beautifying the access road to the plant and transforming the area around the
plant cleaner and greener for residents, the initiative contributed to employees’ motivation
and satisfaction and the volunteering activity was much appreciated by all the participating

Employees were grouped by department and assigned to different areas to plant trees and
shrubs. Each planted tree was tagged with a colored paper leaf symbolizing a gift to the
people of the village and to nature in general. All departments had distinctly colored “leaves”,
carrying a unique message.

Cultivating the area between the village and the plant shows the commitment of Holcim
(Bulgaria) AD to the high Group standards of environmental and social responsibility. The
employees were very proud to personally participate in the company’s efforts for creating a
more beautiful and pleasant environment in and around the plant and improve the quality of
life of both, employees and local residents.