Holcim Bulgaria: Opening the doors to the community.

Holcim Bulgaria: Opening the doors to the community

Holcim Bulgaria organizes "open door" events as part of its corporate social responsibility activities for the benefit of employees, their families and the whole community.

On top of allowing employees and their families to share workplace experiences through open door events, Holcim Bulgaria aims to improve the quality of life of the whole community. To do so, open door events focus on environmental issues of importance to the plant, and on the improvement of the nearby public spaces. The objective is to be, and be recognized as, a good neighbor in the communities in which it operates.

Open door events are meant to be like a "big party" for everyone who shares an interest in the plant: employees, their families, representatives from local municipal institutions, social and environmental organizations and the media. Many activities are organized, such as visits, shows, games, food, gifts, fireworks, presentation of the company logo, etc.

Open door events make employees proud of their jobs, and proud of being part of the global Holcim family. They also bring a lot of attention from all kinds of national and local media, which is an excellent communication channel to disseminate the company's key CSR messages.