Holcim Canada: Community Advisory Panels at Holcim Canada.

Holcim Canada: Community Advisory Panels at Holcim Canada

Under the guidance of Holcim Group Support, and in alignment with the corporate CSR strategy, Holcim Canada has developed Community Advisory Panels (CAP) at many of its quarrys, pits and plants to engage local stakeholders and promote open dialogue.

Creating Community Advisory Panels allowed our plants to establish partnerships with stakeholders, the local representatives from the communities where they operate. The philosophy underlying the creation of these panels is that maintaining an open dialogue with the communities is our social license to operate.

The CAPs vary in format but typically range from 5 to 15 members. The frequency of the meetings and the way they are established also differ. In some cases the CAPs are facilitated by a professional and independent consultant. This ensures an unbiased approach that considers the needs of all parties. In other cases, the panels include local businesses or industries.

The topics covered during the meetings relate to various aspects of the business or community interests, from environmental and health & safety issues, to emergency response, day to day operations of the plants, future expansion plans, traffic issues or community engagement.

Holcim Canada reaps great benefits from the creation of CAPs. On a daily basis, this two-way relationship contributes to a better understanding of the plants' activities and their impacts on the nearby communities.

Often, we even observe the development of an "our plant" philosophy, with panel members considering themselves ambassadors of the plant. They prove to be committed to the improvement and success and value the open communication with the plant management. The CAPs are a key element to better community relations.