Holcim Colombia: Voluntariado Holcim.


Holcim Colombia’s CSR Policy was recently updated and now includes a specific clause on employee volunteering. The background of this revision is the belief that volunteering provides a great opportunity for employees to learn something new and get satisfaction by sharing one’s energy and creativity with diverse people. The program “Voluntariado Holcim” aims to support employees in their engagement with local communities.

At Holcim Colombia, everybody can be a volunteer, contributing with his or her own skills and capacities. The company provides volunteering opportunities and offers working time for the diverse activities. Employees can contribute to the projects of the Social Foundation of Holcim Colombia (FSHC). This ensures that volunteering is strategic and responds to the needs of the communities.

In order to ensure long term sustainability of the program, "Voluntariado Holcim” is organized by a Central Committee and 12 Regional Committees that are located in each city where Holcim Colombia has operations. The Central Committee defines the strategic objectives, continuously interacts with each Regional Committee and with the FSHC, encourages participation and involvement of volunteers, supports the resource management and is the communication channel with the local EXCO.

The Regional Committees mainly define the local strategies to support the central programs, raise funds, encourage the participation of current and new employees and develop activities in the defined communities. Each committee on average organizes three meetings per month to monitor and develop the different activities.


“Voluntariado Holcim” aims at promoting volunteerism among the employees of Holcim (Colombia) S.A., thus implementing the CSR Policy.


As a pilot project, employees supported one school in each municipality in the zones of operation of Holcim Colombia. Employees collected used books in good condition to set up libraries, spent one day at the schools to improve the rooms, and donated a certain percentage of their salary for school material. In total, 35 schools benefited from the pilot project.


During the pilot project, 1511 books and 86 movies for three school libraries in Chocontá and one public library in the community of Bello were collected. The monetary donations allowed the Foundation to purchase three bookshelves, school material and sports material.

In total, 81 people are members of Volunteering Committees, including employees from all sectors and different plants. Around 1030 people have benefited from the volunteering activities:

  • 12 schools or 430 children from the distribution of sports material
  • 500 people who are visiting the new public library in Bello per month
  • 100 children from the school material that is now available at the Puente Aranda plant
  • 67 school children in three small rural schools from new libraries

For the year 2011, Holcim Colombia hopes to cover more schools in this line of support.