Holcim Deutschland AG: Employee volunteering projects.

Project description

Employee volunteering is deeply anchored in the corporate philosophy of Holcim (Deutschland) AG. Employees get involved in a variety of projects addressing the needs of the local communities for instance, improving play grounds at local schools/public places, embellishing school yards in collaboration with pupils and teachers, creating seating accommodation in public areas and realizing extraordinary ideas (Barfusspfad/ bare foot path).


Employee volunteering in the surrounding communities of Holcim cement plants strengthens trust and sense of community among key stakeholders and enhances the reputation of being a responsible neighbor. This is also a way to build brand awareness and affinity with the company.

Holcim employees, who mainly live in the communities around the plants themselves, have the chance to get actively involved in the community. Being able to do so during work time (1 day per year) increases employees' retention and loyalty.


Seating-accommodation in Höver:
Two Höver cement plant employees renovated public, worn out tables and chairs close to a playground in a housing estate. Holcim (Deutschland) AG donated the materials and provided necessary machinery. The two employees improved this public area in an exemplary way, mostly in their spare time.

Reshaping of school yards:
In collaboration with pupils and teachers, Holcim employees altered school yards and built seating facilities which had been designed by the pupils themselves before hand. Holcim (Deutschland) AG contributed material and labor to help realize these projects.

Establishing play grounds:
Various playgrounds have been established or renovated with the help of Holcim employees and apprentices to give children the possibility to play in a fun and save surrounding.

Barefoot path along a popular bike route:
Holcim employees supported a local NGO to build the unique barefoot path along a popular bike path as a resting area. This unique tourism project consists of a path with different surfaces to walk on (gravel, wood, special glass, fir cone, cork etc.). Nine Holcim employees contributed their time to finish this project in time for the new cycling season.


Stakeholder relations are strengthened through the variety of employee volunteering projects Holcim (Deutschland) AG initiated over the last couple of years. The engagement was strongly observed by local residents, authorities and media and therefore enhanced positive reputation and media coverage.

Holcim employees were proud of their achievements making their communities more lively and valuable. They received support from the management team in coming up with new ideas and realizing them together.

November 2010