Holcim Ecuador: Stop and think about me! - ¡Para y piensa en mí!.

Project description

The Occupational Health and Safety goal within Holcim is “zero harm for people”. To implement
the five Cardinal Rules which have been laid down by the Group, Holcim Ecuador chose an
innovative and extraordinary solution that does not have a technical approach, but a purely
emotional one instead: The successful campaign “Stop and think about me!”, launched in 2007,
included the children of Holcim employees encouraging their parents to think before taking action
in the workplace and to comply with the safety rules at all times.


The aim was to lower the accidents rate at Holcim Ecuador by achieving a stronger emotional
commitment among its employees to apply the five Cardinal Rules and to achieve the goal of
“zero harm”. For this purpose, a communication campaign had to be created which encourages
compliance, and various non-traditional communication channels had to be found so that the
target groups could be reached.


The basic message behind the campaign is simple: Children care about their parents and they
depend on them to stay healthy and alive. To visualize this message and the five Cardinal Rules
which are, after all, designed to protect employees at work so they can return home safely to their
families, the Ecuadorian communication team chose the hand as key image: Each of the five
fingers correspondents to one of the five Cardinal Rules. Extending the arm and holding up an
open hand toward someone is a universal gesture that means stop. The campaign included,
among others, the following elements:

  • 537 children, between three and 12 years old, made handprints with paint on large fabricbanners. The plants displayed these banners as reminders for employees to remain alert,for the good of their families.
  • The children were filmed and photographed nation-wide. Asked about their opinion on safety and rules, they addressed the camera freely and spontaneously. As a result, every Holcim Ecuador employee received an individualized DVD, containing his or her child’s personal and insistent safety message. Each DVD came with a Cardinal Rules Commitment Certificate for employees to sign and commit to security for their children’s sake.
  • Mini commercials featuring the Cardinal Rules were shown at all plants.
  • An official campaign song, “Think about me”, was composed and a respective video clip was included to the DVD, with also a karaoke version for the kids.
  • Floor-minders containing the legend “Here, someone didn’t stop and think!” were located in places within each plant where an accident had occurred


From 2006 to 2007, the lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) of Holcim Ecuador dropped from
3.81 to 2.12. The table below illustrates the decrease of the LTIFR from 2006-2010:

Decrease of the LTIFR of Holcim Ecuador:

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
3.8 2.1 2.3 1.8 1.7

The successful campaign has motivated other Group Companies to implement it as well, such as
Thailand, or Hungary which implemented the campaign partially. In other cases, it has served as
an inspiration to develop their own children-based campaigns, for example in the former Group
company in Panama. Holcim Ecuador’s Communication department has provided full support,
when asked.

In 2008, Holcim Ecuador was awarded with the COMET Merit to Strategic Communication award,
which is a public recognition given to creators of communication strategies that have influenced a
company’s development, productivity, competitiveness and social responsibility.