Holcim España, Spain: Environmental education starts at school.

Holcim España, Spain: Environmental education starts at school

Holcim España partners with an environmental NGO to develop sustainable development education activities in schools close to its plants.

The goal of this initiative is to help youth in local communities develop a deeper knowledge of environmental issues, and promote the respect of the world's natural resources. In return, this helps Holcim España build and maintain a proactive relationship with stakeholders, be considered a trusted and respectful partner, and help to shape the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

Holcim España and Ecomímesis, its partner NGO, work together since 2006 to develop and organize environmental activities that reach each year about 2,000 students in 15 schools and educational centers mainly located in the South of Spain. The implication of these pupils is sought when conveying the activities' key messages, according to what issues they find most important. These include waste and water management, responsible consumption, climate change, etc. Holcim España also organizes visits to its facilities, as well as other on site activities.

Following an evaluation process in March 2008 involving key internal and external stakeholders, the Holcim-Ecomímesis environmental campaign was found to be an effective way to promote sustainable development among youth.

Further, local needs assessments conducted by Holcim España around its cement and aggregate plants show that involvement with local schools and universities is much needed. It also results in a win-win situation: increasing sustainability awareness and empowering local communities while promoting Holcim España as an employer of choice. Such low cost projects have a high and positive social impact.