Holcim Hungária, Hungary: Creative competition for schools and kindergartens.

Holcim Hungária, Hungary: Creative competition for schools and kindergartens

The "creative competition for schools and kindergartens" was initially run in 2006 by Holcim Hungária as an integral part of the communication campaign for its new environmentally friendly cement plant at Nyergesújfalu Industrial Park in northern Hungary. The company now organizes an annual competition for all schools and kindergartens in Nyergesújfalu and the surrounding region.

Each year, a topic is set and Holcim asks the pupils to send their drawings, paintings and written compositions (prepared either as individuals or groups) by the given deadline. To make the assessment transparent and credible, key local people from various backgrounds (teachers, journalists, etc) are invited to evaluate the children's submissions, and the press is invited to attend a public awards ceremony.

Through this project, Holcim Hungária wants to show its commitment to environmental protection and to local communities, and gain the support of local stakeholders.

In 2006, about 100 children spent a week in Holcim Hungária's summer camp and over 200 children visited the Budapest Zoo. Over 150 teachers were involved in this first competition, held in Nyergesújfalu and five other nearby settlements.

The 2007 competition saw the winners of the kindergarten category enjoy a full-day excursion to Budapest Zoo and the Tropicarium, while the best school pupils won a week-long holiday at an eco-camp in Agostyán. The company also organized public exhibitions of the submissions in Nyergesújfalu and Lábatlan, which received great feedback.

The company believes it reached all key stakeholders and delivered its key messages. It received continuous positive press coverage about the project and positive feedback from the schools and kindergartens, as well as the parents. In the process, Holcim Hungária built strong relationships with key green NGOs (which organized the summer camps) and publicized its commitment to environmental protection and local communities.