Holcim Indonesia: The Geocycle Buddy Programme

Holcim, Indonesia: The Geocycle Buddy Programme

The Geocycle Job Buddy programme, launched in June 2008, is a hands-on communication initiative devised to increase the understanding of Geocycle and its procedures among Holcim Indonesia plant employees.

Essentially, the Job Buddy Programme is a one-day work experience programme: introducing selected Holcim plant employees, one by one, to the Geocycle team, activities, and safety and quality procedures. The driving objective is not to passively tell people about Geocycle but to actively show them Geocycle, so that they, in turn, can share their experience with their colleagues. In doing so, the level of understanding, solidarity, and friendship between Geocycle and Holcim employees rises, any fears or questions regarding Geocycle procedures and materials can be answered, and an appreciation of the alignment and synergy between Geocycle and Holcim can be gained.

The Job Buddy programme runs for a full work day. In the morning, the Buddy is introduced to the Geocycle team and has the opportunity to ask specific questions to the relevant Geocycle staff member. The Buddy learns the what, why, and how of Geocycle, as well as some Geocycle safety basics: such as the use of correct personal protection equipment and how to safely handle biomass. This is followed by an afternoon guided tour of Geocycle operations: from the initial waste tests in the laboratory, to the receipt of deliveries of waste at the front gate, to the final co-processing stage. The day concludes with the Buddy completing a simple feedback form.

The first group of Buddies provided positive feedback, as did the Geocycle team who hosted them. Wayan Juniardi, a Raw Mill Patroller and Buddy, noted that since participating in the Buddy program, he had gained a greater understanding of how Geocycle operates and how useful its services are - not only for Holcim in terms of costs and manufacturing, but regarding environmental conservation and care as well. 'I've seen Geocycle with my own eyes, and I'm impressed with the thoroughness at each stage of their operations. Ask me and I'll tell you about it,' Wayan said. Exactly the results the programme intended.

By the end of 2008, five batches of Buddies had successful participated in the programme.

Geocycle Indonesia is a business unit and integral part of Holcim Indonesia, focusing on providing waste management solutions for customers. Energy and mineral components in waste are recovered by co-processing it in our cement kilns. Co-processing waste is an environmental friendly solution to waste problems.